Herbal Drug–Induced Liver Injury

G&H  What percentage of cases of liver injury are caused by herbs or herbal drugs? MT  Several registries around the world record cases of drug-induced liver […]

COVID-19 Vaccination Among Individuals With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Perception, Efficacy, and Safety 

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by SARS-CoV-2, has been the most significant global health crisis of the past century. The development of safe and effective vaccines […]

Biliary Tract Injury in Patients With COVID-19: A Review of the Current Literature

Abstract: Multiple studies and extensive clinical experience have shown that COVID-19 can impact the hepatobiliary system, with most reports describing primarily hepatocellular injury with elevations of […]

Gastroduodenal and Jejunoileal Crohn’s Disease

G&H  How common are gastroduodenal and jejunoileal Crohn’s disease among the various types of Crohn’s disease? BC  Crohn’s disease can occur anywhere from the mouth to […]

Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease and Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis

Abstract: Alcohol-related liver disease is a spectrum of disease in which continued, significant alcohol use can cause progression from fatty changes in the liver to inflammation, […]

Letter From the Editor: Spotlight on COVID-19

Over the past several years, COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on our lives. This month’s issue of Gastroenterology & Hepatology features two timely and interesting […]

Insights on Over-the-Scope Clips

G&H  What are the current indications for over-the-scope clips? KM  The current indications for over-the-scope clips (OTSCs) are quite ample and diverse. The major indication is […]

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