Cardiovascular Comorbidities and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Causes and Consequences

Abstract: Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) such as myocardial infarction and stroke. CVD in patients with IBD […]

Managing IBS-C: Focus on Symptom Control

Patient Case JP is a 24-year-old man referred for a second opinion in Gastroenterology. He reports a yearlong history of lower abdominal pain and discomfort, bloating, […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Refractory Perianal Crohn’s Disease: A Case Report

A 19-year-old woman with a history of ileocolonic stricturing Crohn’s disease (CD) diagnosed at 7 years of age presented to a tertiary care center for a second […]

Letter From the Editor: Exploring Cardiovascular Comorbidities and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Heart disease has been the number one cause of death in the United States for more than a century, according to the Centers for Disease Control […]

Update on Treatment for Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatohepatitis Cirrhosis 

G&H  What is the likelihood that a patient with metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis has cirrhosis?  WA  The likelihood of cirrhosis depends on which patients with metabolic dysfunction-associated […]

Frailty, Sarcopenia, and Nutrition in Patients With Cirrhosis

G&H  Why is it important to identify frailty and sarcopenia in patients with cirrhosis? JL  Frailty and sarcopenia are unfortunately prevalent in patients with cirrhosis. Up […]

Perianal Fistulas in Patients With Crohn’s Disease

G&H  What is the prevalence of perianal fistulas in patients who have Crohn’s disease? DS  Several studies throughout the world, including one that my colleagues and […]

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