Esophagogastric Junction Outflow Obstruction: A Diagnosis in Evolution

Abstract: Esophagogastric junction outflow obstruction (EGJOO) is a rapidly evolving diagnosis that can represent early or variant achalasia. Since the publication of the Chicago Classification version […]

Chicago Classification Version 4.0 and Its Impact on Current Clinical Practice

Abstract: High-resolution manometry (HRM) has revolutionized esophageal motility testing, and the evolving Chicago Classification has been critical in codifying HRM metrics and definitions of old and […]

Diagnosis and Management of Esophagogastric Junction Outflow Obstruction

  Abstract: Esophagogastric junction outflow obstruction (EGJOO) is an abnormal topographic pattern seen on high-resolution mano-metry. EGJOO is characterized by an elevated median integrated relaxation pressure […]

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